PRACTICIES Against radicalisation in cities


Partnership against Radicalisation in Cities



PRACTICIES mobilizes networks of European cities and experts to better understand the human roots of violent radicalisation and to characterize these processes starting by their origins and to build concrete tools and prevention practices. This transnational project relies on the cooperation of experience in the field of urban security in cities and expertise of national structures to fight terrorism (partners from different countries involving Government and law enforcement agencies, municipalities, research institutions and private organizations).



  • To evaluate the existing procedures of registration, identification youth in the process of radicalisation in an urban space;
  • To describe and explain social course of transition to radical action;
  • To provide concrete tools for action.


Expected outcomes

  • Synthesis and European consensus on radicalisation processes encouraging the construction of an etiology of radicalisation processes;
  • Prevention and education tools that will build on the implementation of concrete actions to structure against speech and human alliances against violent radicalisation;
  • Evaluation of reporting procedures, identification, and treatment of people radicalised, by the comparative analysis of the procedures implemented in the enforcement agencies;
  • A breaking speech glossary in Europe;
  • Technological tools to promote the protection of youth and attempts of indoctrination, encouraging characterization of sources and resources of hate speech and radicalisation;
  • Evaluation and innovation in urban policy radicalisation prevention by proposing new experiments, dissemination of good practices and promoting the mapping of skills of local players’ prevention and treatment of radicalisation.



Université De Toulouse II – Le Mirail, France
Ministerio Del Interior, Spain
Fachhochschule Salzburg Gmbh, Austria
Vertical, France
Universita Della Calabria, Italy
Université Charles De Gaulle Lille 3, France
TNS Opinion SA, Belgium
Media Actie Kuregem Stad, Belgium
Stadtgemeinde Salzburg, Austria
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Ministério da Justiça (Procuradoria Geral da República), Portugal
IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, Portugal
Université Grenoble Alpes, France
Profil Technology, France
CPDSI, France
University of Piraeus Research Center, Greece
Kentro Meleton Asfaleias, Greece
Office National d’Études et de Recherches Aérospatiales, France
Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Spain
Município da Amadora, Portugal
Metropole Nice Cote D’Azur, France
Forum Européen pour la Sécurité Urbaine, France
Association Forum Des Sciences Sociales Appliquées, Tunisia
Mairie de Toulouse, France
Commission Nationale de la Lutte Contre le Terrorisme, Tunisia



Horizon 2020 – The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation


Time frame

01/05/2017 – 30/04/2020 (36 months)

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Gathering networks of cities’ organizations and experts to better understand, prevent and address violent radicalisation


France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Tunisia, Belgium

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